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For over 140 years, Ewbank has been a leading brand in sweepers and floor cleaners. Our products are loved by customers in the UK and over 30 countries globally.

At Ewbank, we combine quality, performance, and reliability in our cleaning products. We strive to exceed the expectations of the modern-day consumer.

We create innovative and unique designs that make cleaning a rewarding experience. Our team of innovators and designers are constantly developing new ideas and products that can handle any cleaning challenge. With Ewbank, you can trust that we will always be ahead of the curve in the cleaning market.


Ewbank has over 140 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing domestic cleaning appliances. Our traditional carpet sweepers were a much loved item in practically every British home throughout the 20th Century. We have always been associated with high quality, high performance cleaning products at affordable prices. With a focus on innovative design, our new product development program ensures that Ewbank can be trusted to meet any cleaning need.

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